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Homeowners Insurance in Maryland

Our experienced agents specialize in helping Maryland homeowners find the BEST coverage for their needs. We understand the complexities of home insurance policies and will help you sort through all the details. Plus, we even check in with you regularly to keep your insurance working for you as your needs change over the years.

Your home is your most valuable asset, so it only makes sense to ensure you're covered in case of storm damage, fire, theft or other random events. Plus, mortgage companies require you to have a homeowners insurance policy in order to qualify for a mortgage. But homeowners insurance is about so much more than the home itself. You'll also need liability protection in case visitors are injured when visiting your home. And, you'll also want to insure the contents of your home too - your furniture, electronics, personal items and more.

How much coverage should you get? How do you make sure you have the RIGHT coverage for your needs and circumstances? Let's face it, homeowners insurance can be complicated. The last thing you want is to find out you don't have the coverage you thought you did when and if something happens. By then it's too late to make a change.

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We offer competitive rates on homeowners insurance for customers in Maryland and Washington, DC and even offer discounts when you bundle your insurance coverage with us. Insure your car and your home with us for maximum savings!

Other Coverage for Homeowners:


There are times when the maximum liability limits on your car or homeowners policies won't adequately protect you. An umbrella policy increases your insurance coverage and offers additional protection when you need it most. We can work with your existing insurance to give you the best protection and help you avoid dangerous gaps in coverage.

Identity Theft Protection

Protect your credit rating and your valuable reputation with identity theft protection coverage from Senate Select Insurance. Today's digital world has made it easier for criminals to get their hands on your information. We can help protect your identity while you stay one step ahead of the crooks!

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Libel, Slander and Invasion of Privacy

Whether you're a social media fanatic, a regular blogger or simply chat or post photos online, you could be one post away from a damaging lawsuit. While the internet allows you to stay in touch with others, it has also created new ways to offend people or invade their privacy. Protect yourself from lawsuits with coverage for libel, slander and invasion of privacy.