Bundled Insurance

While we always do our best to find the best coverage at the best price, Senate Select Insurance works best when we handle all of your insurance needs. Insure all your vehicles, your home and your car or bundle your renters insurance with an auto or motorcycle policy to maximize your savings!

Contact a Senate Select Insurance agent today to talk about bundled insurance coverage for all your insurance needs!

Bundled Coverage Advantages:

We Know You!

If you already have your car insurance with Senate Select, we make it easy to add another policy or make great recommendations to maximize your coverage and help you avoid dangerous gaps that could cost you later on.


It's just easier having all your insurance policies with one agency. You'll never have to wonder who to call when you need to submit a claim. We're always available to answer your questions or make recommendations as needed.

Save a "Bundle"

We offer multiple-policy discounts when you bundle your coverage with us. You'll save on all your insurance policies and get the best rates from the agency you already know and trust. What could be simpler?

Have questions about insurance bundles? Just contact us! We'll be glad to discuss the details and show you how much you can save!